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[GUI] Activating the 2.35:1 Widescreen Mode for the General Interface

This setting make possible to have the general interface of your player in Widescreen 2.35:1 mode and that independently from Zappiti Video.
To activate the 2.35:1 mode in Zappiti Video, follow this link:

To have access to the Widescreen mode, you first need to update your firmware with the version 220607:

This version can be installed only via USB at the moment. The online version will be released in a few weeks.

Installation procedure:
1. Download the file according to your Zappiti model:
Firmware - Google Drive
2. Place the file on a USB flash drive.
3. Connect the drive to your Zappiti.
4. Turn-ON your Zappiti.
5. Open Zappiti Explorer.
6. Open the drive.
7. Open the firmware file and follow the on screen procedure.

After the firmware update as been installed go to:
Setup > Appearance
Then select the new theme to activate the Widescreen mode.

You can find a full description of all the modifications of the new firmware update by following this link:

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