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[Collection] How to enable DemoTrailers?

Attention!!! Only works with Zappiti Video updates 4.28.280 or higher. 

You can find high quality trailers by following this link:

To Activate the Trailer Demos, start by creating a folder for these demos, then add the folder in the configurations of Zappiti Video.

Once the folder has been added, go to the settings section located just below, then activate the Trailer Demos if they are not activated (you can also deactivate these demos by pressing this option).

How Trailer Demos work: 

Once the Trailers are activated, the Zappiti Video application will randomly choose one of the Trailers videos located in the folder and launch it. There can only be one trailer and the trailer choice is by default random. 

It is also possible to choose to associate a specific trailer with a specific movie by using the "Edit" function on the movie you want:

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