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[Network] How to bypass the server authentification issue

If you are using a ZAPPITI NAS, please wait 3 min during the black screen on the startup of Zappiti Video. After 3 min, the Zappiti NAS will automatically switch to the OFFLINE mode.
If you don't have a ZAPPITI NAS but you use Zappiti Server PC instead of the Zappiti Cloud for your collection, the procedure is the same: wait 3 min for the black screen. Zappiti Video will then automatically switch to OFFLINE mode.
If you do not have a ZAPPITI NAS, you use the Zappiti Cloud for your collection, and you have previously saved your collection in offline mode, disconnect the network cable from your player (or cut the Wi-Fi from the player) , then relaunch Zappiti Video. The Zappiti player will automatically switch to OFFLINE mode and you will be able to access your collection.
If you have not previously saved your collection, we invite you to use Zappiti Explorer while waiting for the resolution of the account authentication server problem.

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