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[Account] Release a Zappiti 4K Token ?

If the Token is registered on your account, you can release directly from the Settings view of Zappiti Video app.

To access to the Settings panel on, please launch Zappiti Video app, then access to a Zappiti Collection and press MENU button on the Zappiti RC. Then click the "Settings" button located on the left of the contextual menu that is displayed on the screen.

To access to the Settings panel on a computer, please launch Zappiti Video, then click to the "gear" button located on the top of the screen.

Then you'll see the following panel :

You will see your token numbers. To release it, please click on "Release the Token" button. Then press OK (PC/Mac) or RETURN (Zappiti media player).

You can also send of picture of the Token stiker located on the under side of your Zappiti media player to and ask an admin to release your Token manually.

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