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[Audio Settings] How to Get DTS-HD Audio Output From the S/PDIF Optical Audio Output?

The previous Zappiti Player models had licences for decoding of HD sound formats. Now, DTS and Dolby deliver DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD decoding licences only for Blu-ray Player due the new BD Forum rules. And in addition, BD Players can't feature BD ISO playback anymore because BD Forum don't let do it. For instance, the Oppo BD Players can't play BD ISO anymore. Dune HD had a patch (unofficial crack) for decoding HD sound in PCM. Zappiti don't. So if you want DTS-HD in bitstream, you should own outpout in HDMI and use HDMI AV Receiver compatible with HD sound. Or, you can buy a HDMI > SPDIF converter box.

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