[Indentification] When a movie is incorrect, how can I identity it again?

On Zappiti Player 4K: 

In Zappiti, select the movie cover, then press MENU of the RC and select “Identify again”. You’ll see a seach engine to find the correct movie.

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On PC / MAC:

In Zappiti, right click on the movie cover, then left click on "Identify again". You’ll see a seach engine to find the correct movie.

On the Identify windows, please enter again the name of the movie.
You can also enter the IMDb, TMDb or TVDb ID code to identify your movie or your TV show.

How to find the ID code of your movie 

1. Open your favorite Internet browser such as Google Chrome, then go to www.imdb.com.
2. Use the seach engine to find your movie in the movie database.

3. Then, on the movie page, locate the ID code in the URL. For instance, the URL of the movie "Metropolis" will be "http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0017136/".

4. Copy the ID code number of your movie. For instance, the ID code number of the movie "Metropolis" is "tt0017136".
5. Then return back to Zappiti and paste the ID number into the field instead of the title name. Then press the "Search" button. Zappiti will find the right movie at 100%.

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