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[RC] Zappiti Player 4K: IR Remote Control

IR Remote Control
1. POWER — Toggle power OFF and ON.
2. Z — Toggle Front LED OFF and ON.
3. SUBTITLE — Change subtitle language.
4. INFO — Show / Hide the pop-up info.
5. AUDIO — Change audio language or channel.
6. MUTE — Mute audio.
7. PAGE UP/PAGE DOWN — Scroll up and down
in various lists — Next / Previous chapter.
8. VOLUME +/- — Increase / Decrease volume.
9. PLAY/PAUSE — Start playback / Pause playback.
10. HOME — Go to Home Menu to select application.
11. RETURN — Stop Playback / Return to the previous menu or mode.
12. DOWN/UP — Fast reverse / Fast forward play.
13. LEFT/RIGHT — Jump to 1 min backward/forward.
ARROW and OK Buttons — Navigate menu selection.
14. MENU — Show/hide the pop-up menu.
15. MOUSE — Switch to the virtual mouse mode.
16. NUMBER Buttons — Enter numeric values ;
1-9 : direct access from 10 to 90% of the timeline or total pages.
0 : reset the playback position to the beginning.
17. ZOOM — Zoom in / Zoom out.
18. DELETE — Delete the previous character/item.

Note: The RF RC of the Zappiti Player 4K is not compatible with the Zappiti App but the keyboard is compatible with it.

IR RC doesn't works on Zappiti Player 4K Mini?
Please disconnect all the  cables except the HDMI and the AC cable. Maybe you connected a jack audio cable on the the wrong outpout. Indeed, there is 2 similar outpout: audio analog and IR outpout. If you use IR outpout, the IR RC can't works.  

Battery enclosure
To open the enclosure of the IR remote control batteries, turn back the remote control, place your thumb on the hollow dedicated location placed in the center of the back of the remote control, then press firmly and pull down maintaining pressure. The enclosure should be open to free batteries.


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