[4K] Download Ultra HD 4K Trailers for Zappiti Player 4K

Please find here below some 4K trailers compatibles with Zappiti Player 4K. Almost all the files are compressed in DivX UHD HEVC with "DivX Converter" and "Handbrake". 

4K File encoding recommandations for smooth display on Zappiti Player 4K
- HEVC / H.265 (don't use H.264).
- 30p max.
- 30 Mb/s average max (40 Mb/s max in pic).
- 8-Bit.

Some of HEVC/H.265 softwares:
Handbrake (5.1 sound) - Free
PowerDirector (DTS 5.1 sound)
DivX Converter (AAC Sound only) - Free
VideoLAN x265 - Free

Click here to know how to convert a 4K file to HEVC 8-Bit file with Hanbrake for Zappiti Player 4K...

4K benefit on 1080p TVs
Please note that 4K files displayed on 1080p TV is 30% sharper than Blu-ray file. Explanations in French here... (click on English flag to translate).

Blu-ray vs 4K displayed on 1080p TV:

Ultra HD 4K file list to download

To download to files, right-clic on the links then select "save the file as..."

RoastDuck Ultra HD 4K
42 sec.
3840x2160, MKV, DivX HEVC UHD, 29,5 Mb/s, 30p, 149 Mo, AAC 2.0

Interstellar 4K Trailer
2:24 minutes
3840x2160, MKV, DivX HEVC UHD, 22,3 Mb/s, 24p, 394 Mo, AAC 2.0

Shane O’Neil 4K
1:32 minutes
3840x2160, MKV, DivX HEVC UHD, 9.9 Mb/s, 24p, 112 Mo, AAC 2.0

Kazuhiro 4K
1:54 minutes
3840x2160, MKV, DivX HEVC UHD, 9.9 Mb/s, 23.976p, 139 Mo, AAC 2.0

Tears of Steel 4K
3840x2160, MKV, 24p, AAC 2.0

Sintel 4K
3840x2160, MKV, 24p, AAC 2.0

The Beauty of Taiwan 4K
3:06 minutes
3840x2160, MKV, DivX HEVC UHD, 29,7 Mb/s, 30p, 657 Mo, AAC 2.0

Star Citizen Hornet Commercial Launch Ultra HD
2:58 minutes
3840x2160, MKV, DivX HEVC UHD, 28,7 Mb/s, 29,97p, 609 Mo, AAC 2.0

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 25p ultraHD 4K
2:10 minutes
3840x2160, MP4, HEVC, 34,3 Mb/s, 25p, 536 Mo, AAC 2.0

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