Unable to Sign in

If you can't sign in and the error message that appears is "Invalid email or password" you can create a new password by clicking on the link "Your account is not accessible ? ".

If you get an error message saying "Unable to connect to the Internet", check the configuration of your firewall in Windows settings to see if you have not blocked Zappiti Media Center. You can temporarily disable your firewall and try again to see if the problem remains.

If even with the firewall turned off Windows you always have the message "Unable to connect to the Internet", disable security programs such as antivirus that can be the cause of the malfunction.

Check also that you can navigate using Internet Explorer. Even if you normally use another browser such as Chrome or Firefox, Zappiti Media Center uses shared settings of Internet Explorer to connect to the Internet. It is essential to be able to navigate properly with Internet Explorer. When installing a new PC, some actions must be performed the first time in Internet Explorer before you can use it.

In Internet Explorer options, make sure also that the options Privacy and Security are set to the default level.

Also remember to check that JavaScript is enabled in your browser.

If you are behind a proxy, make sure the proxy is configured correctly in Internet Explorer, if not, clear the configuration on the proxy.

If you installed a new PC and that you copied your old database on the new PC, it is possible that you have the following error message:

Error: DataBaseManagerLoadFailed
Could not find a part of path
'C: \ Users \ <username> \ AppData \ Local \ Zappiti'

In this case, go to the directory 'C:\Users\<username>\ AppData\Local\Zappiti' and delete the file Profils.xml .
Zappiti wiil automatically create this file with the correct path.

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