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[Video Settings] Video Outpout Limitted to 480p Resolution on the Zappiti Player 4K

Please read this instruction carefully:

 In Some cases (depending on your hardware) when you power on the Zappiti it only displays 480p resolution. 
You have to power on your display(TV or Projector) your receiver and only after all is up and running you can power on your Zappiti player.
We also advise you to turn off the power of the Zappiti first then your display and receiver.
If you do that , it will always keep the resolution you chose .

If the resolution of your Zappiti Player 4K is limited to 480p resolution, it could be linked to HDMI cable used. Indeed, the video output of 4K Zappiti Player uses the full bandwidth of HDMI standard (uncompressed video stream). The HDMI cable that comes with the player is fully compatible with the Zappiti Player 4K but even some high-end cables are not compatible with it. To determine if this problem is caused by the cable, try to connect the Zappiti Player 4K to your TV with the provided cable. If the signal goes well at 1080p or even Ultra HD, replace your HDMI cable.


HDMI switchers and splitters
In the case of use of Zappiti Player 4K with HDMI switcher and splitter, the resolution is limited to 480p sometimes.
The problem splitters and HDMI switchers is that the HDCP is cracked and this often induces EDID signal or errors that do not pass through the housing. The only clean solution is either to use a high-end HDMI matrix (which manages EDID correctly or generates a forced) or a home theater amplifier with input / HDMI outputs.

First generation HDMI amplifiers (1.1, 1.2 and 1.3)
The old AV Receivers not certified with HDMI 1.4 are not compatible with the Zappiti Player 4K. In this case, please connect your player directly to your TV without going through the AV revceiver and connect the sound by using SPDIF outpout.

Ignition via power from the mains supply
If your Zappiti Player 4K is connected to a strip power with ON/OFF button, if you turn off the power strip ON without turning OFF the Zappiti Player 4K first, it will restart in 480p mode. To avoid this, please to turn OFF your Zappiti Player 4K before turning ON the power strip. Then turn ON the Zappiti Player 4K.

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