[Audio Settings] How to Set-up Audio Mode.

Before to start using the Zappiti Player 4K, please configure the audio settings depending on your hardware. For this, please click the "Settings" button located on the top of the main page of the Zappiti Player 4K user interface. Then click "Sound."

1. If you are using an AV receiver or home theater sound bar compatible with HDMI, please select "Bitstream" in "HDMI outpout".
2. If you are using an AV receiver or home theater sound bar not compatible with HDMI, please select "Bitstream" in "S/PDIF outpout".
3. If you do not use AV receiver, please select "Downmix 2.0" in "HDMI outpout" and "S/PDIF outpout".
4. If you are using the analog audio output, there is no particular settings to configure.

Note: the term "Bitstream" (Passthrough) means that the audio is sent as is straight to the digital audio output. The term "Downmix 2.0" means that the audio is decoded and converted into stereo signal.

Depending on the types of audio codecs, Zappiti Player 4K (via applications Zappiti Explorer and Zappiti) are able to automatically switch from one mode to the other (or bitstream downmix). For example, if you play a DivX file with MP3 audio track, the audio mode will be switched to downmix 2.0, including when you are using an AV receiver. Then when you read an M2TS file (Blu-ray file) with an audio track encoded in DTS-HD MA, the audio mode is switched automatically to "Bitstream" if Bitstream option is selected in the settings.

No sound on Zappiti Player 4K. How to fix it.

Please check is if the volume of Zappiti Player 4K is the maximum. Indeed, the volume is handled differently depending on the mode (downmix or bitstream). It is therefore quite possible to have sound on movies (DTS-HD for example) but no sound on the trailers or YouTube for example. By adjusting the volume when playing a track that has no sound, you should be able to find the sound back.

Warning! Some very rare AV receivers like the home theater from Samsung brand does not support the automatic audio switch. Thus, on movie trailers or YouTube, there is no sound. In this case, you can use the following trick:
1. Connect the analog audio-video 3.5 cable to the analog audio input of your AV receiver.
2. Set up your AV receiver with a new input named "Zappiti 2.0" (for example) by combining the analog audio input instead of the audio input HDMI or SPDIF.
3. Change the name of the digital audio input (HDMI or SPDIF) associated Zappiti Player 4K "Zappiti 5.1" (for example) .
4. During playback, when you do not have sound (on the trailers, YouTube or whatever), switch to input "Zappiti 2.0" for the sound. Switch back to input "Zappiti 5.1" for the multi channel sound.

The Zappiti Player 4K is not compatible with D-Box. In fact, if you connect your Zappiti Player 4K in HDMI Bitstream to an AV Receiver, the SPDIF will be disabled. To use your D-Box, please use the SPDIF outpout of your TV. If you are using a front projector, please use the SPDIF outpout of your AV Receiver.

[Old firmwares from before 2016]  

To manually switch from one mode to another, simply use the "DELETE" button on the remote control, illustrated with a left arrow at the bottom right of the remote control. Simply pressing this button will switch the mode to downmix 2.0 Bitstream mode. To switch back to auto mode, please restart the device.

If you do not have sound, it's probably that you are still in manual mode. In this case, simply press the "DELETE" during play in order to switch to the correct mode and thus the sound will be back.

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