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[Configuration] Set Zappiti Video on Start-up

To select "Zappiti On Startup" option to auto start Zappiti Video after Zappiti media player startup (boot-up), please follow this procedure:

1. Start your Zappiti media player.

2. On the main screen, click on the "Z" icon (the big button on the left).

3. Launch your movie collection. Then, press "MENU" button of your IR Remote Control.

4. Then, click on the "Settings" button.

5. Use the LEFT button of your 
Remote Control to display the second TAB (tools icon).
Then go down by using DOWN button of your Remote Control to display "Auto-start" option.

6. Check the box Auto launch Zappiti Video on start-up.

7. Press RETURN button to close the settings panel.

Done! On the next Start-up, your Zappiti media player will auto-start Zappiti Video app.

ATTENTION!!! If you want to use this function on the most recent generation of Zappiti Player ( NEO, Reference, Signature), you first need to configure your Zappiti Player to turn off when pressing the Power button instead of being put into Sleep mode:

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