Zappiti Player 4K: How to create an Offline movie collection

Zappiti Offline mode requires Zappiti Player 4K media player. It is a similar option of the export function of Zappiti Media Center V2.8. But rather than export to Zappiti Player, it directly downloads the movie covers in the internal memory of the player since Zappiti Server (Cloud / PC / MAC / Synology / ASUSTOR).

Avantage: You do not need any Internet connection to use Zappiti.
Disadvantage: No change is possible. It's just the simple consultation with the launch of movies (like export of v2.9). It is not possible to mark movies Seen / Unseen. The dynamic features such as edition, scan, search, filters, etc are not available in this mode.


1. Please start up your Zappiti Player 4K.

2. Start Zappiti app by clicking on the "Z" icon located on the main page.

3. If you already have a Zappiti collection, please go directly to step 4. When you start Zappiti Media Center on Zappiti Player 4K for the first time, you will not have the opportunity to choose the offline mode. You will have to choose between "Zappiti Cloud" and "Zappiti Server". Warning! This second option will only appear if you have previously installed the Zappiti Server software on a PC or MAC. Then, create a collection by following the dedicated tutorial here:
How to create a movie collection...

4. After charging the collection, you'll see the main page of Zappiti Media Center with 5 buttons: All, Movies, TV Shows, Recents, Categories.

5. Press "MENU" button on your RC.

6. Using the "RIGHT" button on your remote, select the option "Offline mode". 

Then wait while loading images. This process may take several tens of minutes.

Warning! Downloading cover art is not incremental for now. The full collection is downloaded at every time when you are using "Make a backup" option.

7. After the end of the download process, you will be able to display the offline collection. To access to your offline collection, press MENU button, then select "Change collection" option located on the on the right side of the menu (last column).

8. On the login screen, you will see a new icon dedicated to "Offline Mode".

Click on it to launch your offline collection.

Note: The download of 10 000 movie covers (posters) takes about 2GB on the internal memory (up to 5GB free) of Zappiti Player 4K.

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