[4K] How To Convert a 4K File With Handbrake For Zappiti Player 4K

The Zappiti Player 4K is not compatible with 4K files encoded in 10-Bit or H.264. To read this kind of format, you have to encode it in H.265 (HEVC) / 8-Bit.

4K File encoding recommandations for smooth display on Zappiti Player 4K
- HEVC / H.265 / x265 (don't use H.264).
- 30p max.
- 30 Mb/s average max (40 Mb/s max in pic).
- 8-Bit.    

To know if your 4K file is following the recommandations, please use MediaInfo freeware. You can download it here:
MediaInfo is available for Mac, Windows, Linux and many other operating system.

1. Download Handbrake Freeware here:

2. Click on "Source" button.

3. Then click on "File / Open a single video file".

4. Locate the file that you want to convert and open it. After a few time, your file will be imported in Handbrake.

5. In "Destination" area, click on Browse button. Then select a location for the future converted file and write a name. Then validate.

You'll see the path of the final destination file.

6. In "Outpout Settings", select MKV format.

7. Click on "Video" tab.

8. Then, select "x265" as Video Codec.

9. If the framerate of the file is correct, please select "Same as source". Don't change the Framerate option.

If the framerate of your file is encoded in 50p, please select "25".
If the framerate of your file is encoded in 59.94p, please select "29.97". 
If the framerate of your file is encoded in 60.00p, please select "30".  
Indeed, the maximum framerate in 4K resolution is limited to 30p on the Zappiti Player 4K. Due the HDMI 1.4, 50p and 60p framerate are not supported.

10. Select "Avg Bitrate (kbps)" (Average Bitrate) and write "25000" in the field "kbps" (25 Mb/s). 

If your computer is enough powerful, you can select "2-Pass Encoding" option for the best result.

This step is the most important. In "Optimize Video", please select "None" or "Main" in H.265 profile section. In fact, if you select "Main10", your file will be encoded in 10-Bit. "Main" or "None" will set the encoding color profile in 8-Bit by primary color (as on Blu-ray).

12. To set the audio tracks, please click on the "Audio" Tab. 
If some audio tracks are encoded in FLAC 5.1 or AAC, we strongly advise you to re-encode it in AC3 (Dolby Digital).

If the original audio tracke are encoded in DTS-HD MA, please select DTS-HD Passthru.
If the original audio tracks are encoded in DTS, please select DTS Passthru.  
If the original audio tracks are encoded in Dolby Digital, please select AC3 Passthru.    

13. Then, click on "Start" option.

The encoding will start.

Note: you can also use the freeware RipBot264. The last version can encode in H.265 format.  
Click here to see the Handbrake vs RipBot comparision...

Click here to download Ultra HD / 4K samples and trailers for free...

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