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[Video Settings] Zappiti Player 4K: No Video Signal on TV (Black Screen)

If you have a black screen or no video on your TV which is connected to the Zappiti Player 4K, it could be several situations:

1. Please make sure that your HDMI cable is connected to the HDMI Output and not on HDMI Input.

2. The HDMI connection cable is defective or does not provide sufficient speed for boosted video streams of 4K Zappiti Player (Zappiti MagicPixel). In this case, try replacing the HDMI cable or try the HDMI cable supplied with the Zappiti Player 4K. If the length of your cable exceeds 3m, you will need a high quality cable high-speed compliant.
On lengths less than 1m, the differences between the HDMI cables are minimes.
Note: some high-quality cables are not compatible with Zappiti Player 4K uncompressed video output.

3. Maybe your AV receiver does not support the boosted video signal of the Zappiti Player 4K (Zappiti MagicPixel). To test this, try connecting your Zappiti Player 4K directly on your TV.

4. The TV does not support the resolution sent by the Zappiti Player 4K. In this case, restart the Zappiti Player 4K or reinstall the firmware by following the procedure of recovery dedicated firmware listed on the firmware download page: http: //

5. Your TV, monitor or projector is not equipped with HDMI port and you use an HDMI> DVI or your display is not HDCP 1.1 compliant. Unfortunately, Zappiti Player 4K requires a TV, monitor or projector supporting HDCP 1.1 minimum to operate digital video link. To overcome this problem, you can try to connect a switch or HDMI splitter. Indeed, in order to operate, many video splitters or swichs inhibit HDCP and can sometimes let in some cases the video signal. But this is not 100% reliable solution. The other solution is to use the analog video output.

6. Maybe your TV does not support the boosted video signal of Zappiti MagicPixel.
The Zappiti Player 4K requierements for 1080p output are: 
- 1080p compatibility.
- Y'CbCr 4:4:4 compatibility.
- 12-Bit / primary color compatibility (Deep Colour / Deep Color).
- xvYCC (or x.v.Colour / x.v.Color).

To be sure if your TV is or is not compatible, please try to connect your Zappiti Player 4K to another TV. If your TV is not compatible with 1080p /  xvYCC /  Y'CbCr 4:4:4 / 12-Bit.

If your TV or front projector is not compatible, you can use an HD Fury box:

7. You also should to switch on your devices in the following sequence:
1. AV receiver (if you have one).
2. Zappiti Player 4K.
3. TV.   

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