Auto exclude keywords from the movie names for better identification

If your movie files contains additional info such as the director, the resolution or other infos, it is difficult for Zappiti to correctly identify the exact movie title. But Zappiti feature a great function to exclude keywords or characters. You'll find this feature in MENU / CONFIGURATION.

1. Click on the Indentification tab (the third one). 
2. To exclude all terms and characters after the first excluded keyword, term or character founded, please select the dedicated option.
To add a keyword or a character, click on the button "Terms to exclude from titles...". Then, use the AirMouse (or computer mouse), click on the list and add your keyword in the list. To write it, you can use the keyboard located on the backside of the Airmouse.
Note: your keywords need to be surrounded by quotes such as the other terms. All the keywords need to be separated by comma.

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