Install Zappiti Server for ASUSTOR

/!\ Warning: ASUSTOR store is sometimes very long time to update applications. You can manually download the latest version of the installation package for ASUSTOR by clicking this link. 
If you are a beta tester, use this version : beta version

 In your browser, open your ASUSTOR portal.

2: Open App Central and select All apps

3: Type Zappiti into the search box.

4:  Click on Install and follow the wizard.

4: Open your Zappiti Media Center client, and select your Zappiti Server for ASUSTOR.

- On Zappiti Player 4K :  press the "MENU" button on your remote. Move to right panel and select "Changer collection".
- On desktop : Click on the Change Select user button.

The name of your Server will be the same as your NAS. For example ZAPPITI-NAS, or ASUSTOR-NAS...


If your Zappiti Server is not visible, hit "BACK" (or Escape on desktop) to refresh this list.

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