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[Firmware] Recovery Procedure After Firmware Update Crash.

IMPORTANT! Thank you to carefully read all of this procedure first! Then please follow the process step by step by reading them one more time.

1. Click here to download the zip file...
Note for MAC users: to download a ZIP file without decompressing it, go to the Safari settings, then uncheck "Automatically open reliable files."
2. Unzip the file with WinZip (or WinZip Mac Edition for Mac users) and place the 7 files in the ZIP file at the top level (root) of a USB flash drive (up to 4 GB) formatted in FAT32.
3. Connect the USB flash drive to one of the USB 2.0 port of the Zappiti Player 4K.
WARNING! Please don't use the USB 3.0 port for this procedure!
4. Connect your Zappiti Player 4K directly to your TV in HDMI instead of your AV Receiver.
5. Start the Zappiti Player 4K without pressing the reset button.
6. Please wait... Please check the blinking of the USB flash drive LED to verify that the firmware is proceed the installation well.
Note: the Zappiti Player 4K will show a black screen during the recovery process. It is normal.
7. After about 15 minutes, the Zappitit Player 4K will reboot by itself. The initial boot will take about 5 min. If you don't see any image after 30 min (black screen), pleased connect the Zappiti Player 4K to the HDMI input of a monitor or to another TV and try again the procedure.
8. If the procedure works correctly, then consider installing the latest firmware you find below (check before the firmware version installed in your player by following the verification procedure). Theoretically you will not need to update your player because the procedure Recovery typically uses the latest firmware version. Then click the GooglePlay button and enter your Google credentials (not to be confused with your Zappiti account). Then please update all the apps through Android following the procedure explained in the quick start guide. Finally, click the Zappiti button and enter your "Zappiti" account (not to be confused with your GooglePlay account).

If this process don't solve your problem, please contact the support by clicking here...

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