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[GUI] Manage Zappiti Video Translations

Zappiti offers a powerful translation tool that allows any user to modify or correct the text of the interface. With Zappiti Db, this amazing tool is participatory and each member of the Zappiti community can participate in improving the quality of translations of the interface texts. Thus, when proposing a translation or the interface text correction, other users can vote for the best translation which becomes the translation proposed by default for all Zappiti users.

To edit any text of a Zappiti GUI, follow these steps :

1. Launch the Zappiti Media Center V4 on your Mac or PC.

2. Click the Settings button (gear) located at the top of the screen to access the settings panel.

3. In the Settings Panel, click the second tab (tools). Then click "Manage translations" button.

4. The translation management window will appear. Click the Language button and choose your preferred language. 
Note: if your language is not listed, please send us a message by using the following contact form:
We will add your language as soon as possible. Then you will be able to translate the text.

5. Click the text of your choice in the list:

6. In the window, type the text you want to suggest as a correction or translation of untranslated text.

7. Then click Add.

You can also vote for the best translation if there are several. In this case, click the "Vote" button located on the right.

Then click the OK button to confirm your choice:

8. Then, when you have finished editing translations, please return back to Zappiti

9. In the settings panel, please click the "Manage translations" button again.

10. Then, click the "Update" button to apply your translation changes.

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