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[Identification] Identify an Unidentified Video

Even if your files are not named correctly with the name of the film (or TV show), Zappiti can identify it but only if a Zappiti user previously identified it manually.
If you are living in country where Zappiti is not yet popular, if could happed often at the beginning, mostly if you are using a Zappiti NAS Rip because the generated file titles are rarely named correctly. But day after day, Zappiti dB will increasingly reliable as and as users manually identify files of movies and TV series.

How to identify a movie or a TV show episode

In Zappiti, if you are using a Zappiti media player, press MENU of the RC and select “X to Identify”. If you are using a PC or MAC, click to
X to Identify” located on the top of the screen. You’ll see the list of the files that are not identifie by Zappiti.

Front of each video file, you will see 3 buttons on the screen. If you do not know which movie is the file to identify, please use the "Play" button to identify it.

Then, click on the button named "Identify..."

On the Identify windows, please enter again the name of the movie.
You can also enter the IMDb or TMDb  ID code to identify your movie or your TV show.

To find the ID code of your movie click here.

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