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[Features] Exhibition Mode (for Distributors And Resellers)

Zappiti feature a special function dedicated to demonstrate Zappiti in exhibition, Zappiti training or electronic shops (distributors, resellers, installers...). This function launch a slideshot with screenshots of the Zappiti GUI instead of the screen saver.

To enable this function, please follow this procedure:

1. Turn on your Zappiti Player 4K.
2. Launch Zappiti.
3. Press the MENU button on the Zappiti Player 4K remote control.
4. Click on the ABOUT button located on the right of the menu.
5. In the ABOUT page, using the remote control press the following keys:
UP ARROW - DOWN ARROW - 1-9 -5 - 2

To disable the "living room" mode, please repeat the sequence.

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