Zappiti Video [EN]

  1. Summary Zappiti Video

  2. [Settings] Zappiti Video : Quick Start Guide (Full Process)

  3. [Settings] Create a Zappiti Account

  4. [Account] Login to an Existing Zappiti Account

  5. [Settings] Reset Your Password

  6. [Settings] Choose your Zappiti Server

  7. [Collection] Create a Video Collection

  8. [Collection] Import Your Collection From the Cloud to a Local Server

  9. [Collection] Create a new Zappiti collection

  10. [Collection] Switch Quickly From One Collection to Another

  11. [Collection] Delete a Collection

  12. [Collection] Delete a Group

  13. [Features] Use the Modules of the New Home Page Zappiti Video

  14. [Features] List of Modules and Operation

  15. [Features] Go back to the Old Home Page

  16. [Identification] Identify an Unidentified Video

  17. [Identification] Identify again a Video File Which is Incorrectly Identified

  18. [Identification] Find the ID Code of your Movie

  19. [Identification] Insert a Video Without Identifying

  20. [identification] Edit Associated Categories

  21. [Display] Show UHD, 4K and 3D Files Top Covers

  22. [Identification] Ignore Terms in the File Name when Identifying

  23. [Collection] Update Your Folder's Credentials

  24. [Display] Choose your Interface Language

  25. [Identification] Add Special Episodes

  26. [Display] Use your own Posters / Backgrounds (PC/MAC)

  27. [Display] Share your Movie Covers and Fanarts - Zappiti Db community

  28. [Features] Use Zappiti Soundtrack Edito

  29. [Features] Download Subtitles

  30. [Account] Release a Zappiti 4K Token ?

  31. [Configuration] Set Zappiti Video on Start-up

  32. [Network] Create an Offline Movie Collection for Zappiti Media Player

  33. [Network] Create a Windows Shared Folder to be Visible on Zappiti

  34. [Network] Cannot Access to a Windows Folder on Zappiti Player

  35. [Display] Manage the Articles Used For the Video Sorting

  36. [Features] Add a Video in Child Mode

  37. [Features] Reset the Child Mode Pin Code

  38. [Features] Switch to Child Mode

  39. [Features] Add a Group in Child Mode

  40. [Features] View Notifications Messages

  41. [Display] Use the Overscan and the 2.35:1 Mode

  42. [Display] Display Glass Effect on Posters

  43. [Display] Customize the Poster Layout

  44. [Display] Change the Theme

  45. [Display] Show Top Covers

  46. Add a Request for a Future New Feature on Zappiti Uservoice

  47. [Display] Manage Zappiti Video Translations

  48. [Display] Update Translations

  49. [Features] Access Advanced Tasks

  50. [Advanced] Become a Beta Tester

  51. [Features] Set the Installer / Integrator Mode

  52. [Features] Exhibition Mode (for Distributors And Resellers)

  53. [Display] Refresh the Seen States in Zappiti Video

  54. [Display] Change the Pictures

  55. [Features] See the Bonus

  56. [Features] Activate the Parental Control

  57. [Display] Sort your Items

  58. Tips and Tricks

  59. [Features] Generate a CSV File from a Collection

  60. [Settings] View the List of Available Zappiti Servers

  61. [Identification] Add a Folder Containing your Personal Videos

  62. [Identification] Cancel a Movie Identification

  63. [UPDATE] Impossible to Update Zappiti player in Beta Version

  64. [Collection] Add a Movie to an Existing Group

  65. [Collection] Create a Movie Group

  66. [Beta] Become a Beta Tester

  67. [Beta] Beta for Zappiti Video (Zappiti Player, PC, MAC)

  68. [Beta] Beta for Zappiti Video Control on Android (Mobile)

  69. [Beta] Beta for Zappiti Server on Synology

  70. [Beta] Beta for Zappiti Server on Asustor

  71. [Beta] Beta for Zappiti Video Control on iOS

  72. [Display] Buy the Silver Theme

  73. [Collection] Rename a Collection

  74. [Collections] Clean all Empty Groups

  75. [Identification] Videos Hard to Identify

  76. [Categories] Add a Category in the Showcase

  77. [Categories] Move a Categorie

  78. [Categories] Create a Category or Modify an Exisiting Category

  79. [Categories] Delete a category

  80. [Categories] Change / Modify Categories for a Video

  81. [Problems] Firewall Settings for Zappiti Server on Windows

  82. [Features] Add Personal Subtitles

  83. [Beta] Unsubscribe from the Zappiti Video Control Beta Version for Android tablets and smartphones

  84. [Beta] Unsubscribe from the Zappiti Video Beta Version (PC, MAC, Zappiti Player)

  85. [Settings] Update Zappiti Video

  86. [Network] Impossible to Access to Zappiti Cloud Server

  87. [Problem] Problem, error messages when you launch a video

  88. [Features] Activate / Deactivate Menu Blu-ray Option

  89. [Network] Problem to access files on a Mac

  90. [Settings] Add / release a token

  91. [Collection] Logout From a Collection

  92. [Problems] Problems Resolutions

  93. [Features] Black Screen Issue on a Windows Computer

  94. [Account] Token Error Message "Account / token already used"

  95. [identification] Prerequisites for proper identification (rules for naming folders and video files)

  96. [PC/MAC] Zappiti Video software for PC and MAC

  97. [Network] Install and launch Zappiti Server on PC

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