Zappiti Video [EN]

  1. Zappiti Video: How to Create a Movie Collection (Full Process)

  2. How to Use the New Home Page Zappiti Video

  3. [Identification] Films not indentified by Zappiti. How to identify it?

  4. [Indentification] When a movie is incorrect, how can I identity it again?

  5. [Identification] How to identify a personal movie

  6. [Identification] How to identify UHD, 4K and 3D files

  7. [Network] How to Create a Windows Shared Folder to be Visible on Zappiti

  8. How to become a beta tester

  9. How to Use Your Own Poster/Backgrounds?

  10. How to download subtitles

  11. How to release a Zappiti 4K Token ?

  12. How to set Zappiti Video on Start-up

  13. How to create an Offline movie collection for Zappiti media player

  14. Auto exclude keywords from the movie names for better identification

  15. How to set the Read Only / Installer mode

  16. How to add a request for a future new feature on Zappiti Uservoice

  17. How to Manage Zappiti Translations

  18. Zappiti Db Community: How to Share your Movie Covers and Fanarts

  19. Installer / Integrator mode

  20. Exhibition mode (for distributors and resellers)

  21. [Settings] How to update the settings' folders

  22. [Network] SMB1 protocol on Windows 10

  23. [Collection] How to delete a collection

  24. [Identify] How to add special episodes

  25. [Translation] Update translations

  26. [Sorting] How to manage the articles used for the video sorting

  27. [Parental Control] How to Reset the Pin CODE

  28. How to access Advanced tasks

  29. [Parental control] How to switch to child mode

  30. [Parental control] How to add a group in child mode

  31. [Parental control] How to add a film in child mode

  32. [identification] : How to edit a movie's categories

  33. [Notification] How to view notifications messages

  34. [GUI] How to use the overscan and the 2.35:1 mode

  35. List of modules and operation

  36. [Zappiti Video] How to reset your password?

  37. [Network] Can't access to a Windows folder

  38. [Settings] How to create a Zappiti account

  39. [Settings] How to connect to a Zappiti account

  40. [Settings] How to choose your Zappiti server

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