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Zappiti Player 4K [EN]

  1. [Update] How to Install Zappiti Music, Video, Explorer and New Home Page Apps Through USB

  2. What Are the Differences Between the 3 Zappiti Player 4K Models ?

  3. [Video Settings] Zappiti Player 4K: No Video Signal on TV (Black Screen)

  4. [Video Settings] How to Set the Resolution And Auto-Framerate of the Zappiti Player 4K

  5. [Video Settings] Video Outpout Limitted to 480p Resolution on the Zappiti Player 4K

  6. [Audio Settings] How to Set-up Audio Mode.

  7. [Audio Settings] DTS-HD MA, Dolby Atmos and Dolby TrueHD 7.1 on Zappiti Player 4K

  8. [Audio Settings] How to Get DTS-HD Audio Output From the S/PDIF Optical Audio Output?

  9. [Audio Settings] Dolby Atmos on Zappiti Player 4K

  10. [Zappiti Explorer] Easy Playback Video/Music/Photo Contents on Zappiti Player 4K.

  11. [RC] Zappiti Player 4K: IR Remote Control

  12. [RC] Zappiti Player 4K RF AirMouse RC Initialisation Procedure

  13. [RC] IR & IP Codes of Zappiti Player 4K for Universal Remotes

  14. [HDD] How to Choose a HDD For the Zappiti Player 4K

  15. [HDD] I Can't See My HDD on the Zappiti Player 4K. How to Format it ?

  16. [HDD] How to Transfer Files From a Computer to the Zappiti Player 4K ?

  17. [Video Playback] Zappiti Player 4K : How to Diplay Duration Info

  18. [Video Playback] How to Change the Aspect Ratio on Zappiti Player 4K

  19. [Video Playback] How to Play Old AVI Files Such as DIVX 4, 5 or 6 on Zappiti Player 4K

  20. [Video Playback] BD ISO / BDMV: Bonus Launched Instead of Movie

  21. [4K] Download Ultra HD 4K Trailers for Zappiti Player 4K

  22. [Video] What Does the Ultra HD 4K Upscaling / Native 4K Mean ?

  23. [4K] How To Convert a 4K File With Handbrake For Zappiti Player 4K

  24. [Subtitles] How to Encode a ".srt" Subtitle File in UTF-8

  25. [Subtitles] How to Delete Italic HTML Tags in Subtitle Files?

  26. Out of Sync. on TrueHD : the Solution

  27. [Audio Playback] DSD on Zappiti Player 4K

  28. Zappiti Player 4K and DVD Drive Connected in USB

  29. [Apps] How to set Video Settings for Netflix

  30. [Apps] Kartina TV on Zappiti Player 4K

  31. [Apps] Zappiti Player 4K: Novoe TV / Новое ТВ (RU, EN) - Russian IPTV

  32. [Apps] How to Fix Spotify Issues on Zappiti Player 4K

  33. [Apps] HappyCast > AirPlay / Android Mirroring: How To Set It.

  34. [Apps] Android DLNA Server App List

  35. D-Box on Zappiti Player 4K (HEMC)

  36. [Firmware] Check and Update Zappiti Player 4K Firmware Version

  37. [Firmware] How to Update the Firmware of the Zappiti Player 4K

  38. [Firmware] Recovery Procedure After Firmware Update Crash.

  39. > IMPORTANT: I cannot See Local HDD Connected to the Zappiti Player 4K Anymore. How to Uninstall ES File Explorer.

  40. [Apps] Smooth Netflix for Zappiti 4K

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