Zappiti 4K HDR [EN]

  1. What are the differences between the 3 Zappiti 4K HDR models?

  2. Zappiti Player vs Zappiti Player 4K vs Zappiti 4K HDR models

  3. [Video Settings] Zappiti 4K HDR: No video signal on TV (black screen)

  4. [Video] Image and sound drop out (HDMI 2.0a Cable)

  5. [Video] Image and sound drop out on some TVs

  6. [Video] Exchange Eyeview in 3D

  7. [Video] How to Force a Resolution by ignoring EDID (YST mode)

  8. [Video] Black Screen During 5 sec When Lauching Movie Playback > How to solve it

  9. [Video] 2D to 3D in 60p: How to solve it

  10. [Video] How to fix Orange colors on Sony TVs

  11. [Video] DVD Folders And VIDEO TS Structures

  12. [UHD BD] Sound But No Picture

  13. [HDD] How to format an HDD for the Zappiti 4K HDR media player range

  14. [Audio/Video] AV Receiver HDMI 1.4: How to keep Audio HD and 4K

  15. [Audio] How to fix sound cut-off issues during movie playback

  16. [Audio] Force SD Audio for SPDIF to convert HD Audio to SD

  17. [RC] Programming buttons of another RC

  18. [RC] IR & IP Codes of Zappiti 4K HDR for universal remotes

  19. [Network/transfer] How access to your Zappiti from a computer or OPPO via local network

  20. [Network] SMBUp: access to your Mac from your Zappiti player

  21. [Network Zappiti Share] Multiroom video / Server function

  22. [Network] How to activate the DLNA Server

  23. [Network] How to mount miniDLNA server on start-up

  24. [Network] How to reset OpenWRT on the Zappiti 4K HDR

  25. [Network] How To Fix IP Address Of The Zappiti 4K HDR

  26. [Apps] Sovok TV & Kartina TV

  27. [Subtitles] No subtitle by default

  28. [Subtitles] How to add external subtitles

  29. [Subtitles] External Arabic Subtitles

  30. [Subtitles] First letter of some subtitles not displayed

  31. [Seamless Branching] How to Remux a BD ISO to M2TS (Audio Drop-Out, Incorrect Video Sequence...)

  32. [Factory Reset] How to reset the Zappiti HDR 4K

  33. How to get a Zappiti Silver Template for free?

  34. How to update a Zappiti 4K HDR?

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