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Zappiti Neo / Reference / Signature [EN]

  1. Summary Zappiti Neo / Reference / Signature

  2. Zappiti Neo / Reference / Signature : New User Guides

  3. Differences Between Zappiti Neo / Reference /Signature

  4. Zappiti 4K HDR vs Zappiti Neo / Reference /Signature

  5. [GUI] Activating the 2.35:1 Widescreen Mode for the General Interface

  6. [Video] Best Video Settings

  7. [Video] How to Set the VS10 Engine?

  8. [Video] Direct Output

  9. [Video] DVD Folders And VIDEO TS Structures

  10. [Video] How to turn off the Blu-ray region notification

  11. [Video] Change the Region of a Blu-ray Disc With Menu

  12. [Video] List of 4K Blu-ray Discs with HDR10+

  13. [Video] RGB Output

  14. [Video] Display technical informations during video playback

  15. [Audio/Video] Adjust Audio/Video Sync

  16. [Audio] Zappiti Reference: How to activate the Hi-Fi audio analog output

  17. [Audio] Zappiti Signature: How to activate the Hi-Fi audio analog output

  18. [Audio] Full Unfold of MQA Files

  19. [Audio] Activate Dolby Digital Plus on Trinnov AV receiver with the Audio only output of the Zappiti

  20. [Audio] Gapless playback

  21. [Audio] HDMI Audio Only : No sound in EAC3 / Dolby Digital Plus

  22. [Image] Slideshow Function

  23. [HDD] How to Format an HDD with Zappiti Neo, Reference and Signature

  24. [HDD] Recommended HDD Models for Zappiti DV Series & Noise Comparison

  25. [HDD] How to Format an HDD of more than 16 TB

  26. [Network/Transfer] How to access to your Zappiti from a computer via local Network

  27. [Network Zappiti Share] Multiroom Video / Server Function

  28. [Network] Set a static ip address in wifi on Zappiti Neo

  29. [Network] Slow Transfers / Shuttering During Playback : Switch or Router Error

  30. [Network/Transfer] No Access to the Computer From Zappiti Media Player

  31. [Network] Windows: External drives does not mount on the Zappiti

  32. [Network] Power line communication (CPL outlet)

  33. [Screensaver] Video: How To Use Your Personal Videos

  34. [Subtitles] Add multiple external Subtitles

  35. [Subtitles] Add External Subtitles

  36. [Subtitles] Some Lines Are Missing

  37. [Subtitles] How to change the color of the subtitles

  38. [Subtitles] How to change the size of the subtitles

  39. [Subtitles] How to change the vertical position of the subtitles

  40. [Subtitles] How to Display Arabic Subtitle

  41. [Subtitles] How to download subtitles during video playback

  42. [Subtitles] Adjust Subtitles Sync

  43. [OLED Screen] How to browse and play music without TV

  44. [RC] Programming Buttons of Another RC

  45. [RC] Zappiti Neo / Reference / Signature [RC]Remote Control General Presentation

  46. [RC] IR & IP Codes of Zappiti Neo, Reference and Signature For Universal Remotes [EN]

  47. [Apps] Unable to update Zappiti apps/ Zappiti Service

  48. [App] Fast Task Killer to kill apps and services in background

  49. [Apps] Reset Your Zappiti App Data And Cache

  50. [Apps] See the App Version

  51. [App] How to install Roon on Zappiti

  52. [Apps] How to uninstall an App

  53. [Image] Best Picture Quality UHD 4K Demo Disc List

  54. [Miscellaneous] How to set the power button to turn off the player instead of putting it to sleep

  55. [Miscellaneous] Problem playing video out of sleep mode

  56. [Seamless Branching] How to Remux a BD ISO to M2TS (Audio Drop-Out, Incorrect Video Sequence...)

  57. [Factory Reset] Factory Reset for the Zappiti Neo, Reference and Signature

  58. [Firmware] Update a Zappiti Neo / Reference / Signature

  59. [Hardware reset] Hardware reset for Zappiti Neo / Reference / Signature

  60. [Win a Zappiti Skin] Get a Zappiti Silver or Aurora Template For Free

  61. [Zappiti Nas] Access to the shared folders on Zappiti Nas from the Explorer

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